In a fast-paced world, the need for us to work together in a connected, intelligent way is even greater. Our proven & innovative solutions enable you to be more flexible, responsive & ready to seize opportunities. By implementing our solutions your empowered and enabled people will drive greater value and make an impact on the bottom line.

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Below is a range of our development sets and a fundamental question or statement each subject addresses.
Personal EffectivenessTeams and LeadershipSales PerformanceCulture and ChangeConferences and Events
Creating better business results through dynamic relationships and effective influencing skills. It’s the little things we can do to improve ourselves that makes the big things happen in the work place.

Time Management

“My life’s out of balance and I can’t seem to get things done.”

Personal Impact

“My team are not impacting and influencing our customers.”


“Our managers need to be better coaches if want to grow and retain our talent.”

Inspired Presenting

“Our presentations lack appeal, impact and most importantly they don’t persuade.”


“We’re behind the market place and our competitors with points of difference.”

Solution Selling

“How do we leverage better opportunities when customers are so cost conscience?”

Enhance the capacity of leaders and teams to adopt a better way of thinking and performing. Build a leadership approach that ensures the talents of the people they lead will drive better commercial resilience and performance.

Leadership Challenge

“How do I create extraordinary leaders that set the pace and performance of my teams?”

Management 101

“I need some solid management skills to progress in my role and hit my objectives.”


“Our managers need to be better coaches if want to grow and retain our talent.”

High performing Teams

“We’re a good team but we also know that merely being good is the enemy of being the best.”

True North

“We’re not aligned and there are multiple agendas within the team.”

Open Space Teams

“We must find better ways of doing what we do and we need to hear what our people think.”

Your sales people are often the first point of real contact a prospect has with your organisation. They need to be firing on all cylinders. Our bespoke Sales Development programmes create transformational change and elicit real business results. We understand the pressures you are under and will work to equip your team with the mental attributes and behaviour, to change and increase sales.

Play from a 10

“Our sales people have the skills and knowledge but just don’t seem to have the passion to compete.”

Client War Room

“We know our revenue targets but we are struggling to develop performance based account plans.”

Closing the Sales

“The majority of our people are not the ‘deal makers’ we really need in this climate.”

Sales Messaging

“Our prospects are unable to clearly distinguish us from our competitors? Our salespeople struggle with getting the customer to care enough to do something different?

Naked Presenting

“Our presentations lack sizzle, impact and most importantly, they don’t clench the deal.”

Consultative Selling

“How do we better leverage opportunities when customers are so cost conscience and what consultative skills will unlock great this potential?”

The culture is the engine room of any organisation and as such, we are perfectly aligned for the results we achieve. Creating a place where people want to belong and help them navigate the white water of change will provide the rhythm of a high performing culture.

360 Surveys

“We don’t really know how our people are feeling, online casino their levels of engagement or even what we can do to provide more enablement and engagement.”

Change Management

“Our management teams are so focused on delivering we have not equipped them with the skills, processes and resources to navigate change.”

Thriving with Change

“Our teams need simple tools to help them gain confidence and to cope through the change we are experiencing.”

Mission & Values

“We seem to have misaligned and conflicting agendas running throughout the business. How do we create a common purpose?”

Cultural Mergers

“We have just merged teams’/divisions/companies and need to accelerate the settling in period so that people feel aligned and connected.”

Internal Communication

“Our messaging is not reaching our teams and it’s impacting our culture. How can we create greater awareness and organisational clarity?”

Gain greatest value (ROI) & impact from every event by ensuring key messages are heard, understood & gain buy-in. This means you can motivate and celebrate whilst facilitating the most productive outcomes.


“We really need someone professional who can keep everyone energised and capture the key elements of the conference.”

Experiential Activities

“I want a new team building experience that really draws out the key points and challenges we will be facing this year.”

Key notes

“What motivational speaker can make people laugh with a moving story that will touch the hearts and minds of everyone at the conference?”


“We need to run some break-out sessions that actually do produce action orientated outputs.”

Conference design

“I want an end to end conference service that knocks people’s socks off and delivers our objectives.”

Speaker training

“Some of our presenters put some people to sleep, whilst others just seem to lack confidence – can you make them impactful?”