I was so impressed with Brad and his business the first time we used them, I have gone on to use him at every Business I have been at. Not only do they have innovative, relevant material, but the delivery and impact of it has repeatedly inspired members of my teams to think again about their approach to their roles. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Anthony Catterson Chief Executive Officer May 20, 2015

Brad is a phenomenal individual who brings new insights to the way we look at the world. Every conversation adds huge value! I recommend that you seek him out.

Paul Mallory Vice President May 20, 2015

I first met Brad delivering Covey workshops which many years ago which he inspired me to always want to achieve more. When at Computacenter he was someone you could always contact for great advice, insightful words and bought the best out of many people. He was once one of the most supportive when we started People Achieving and helped us with the business. I guess that’s why we consider him a partner, which we feel very privileged to have that kind of relationship. He has taught us a great deal about building winning teams motivating and leading people. His customers love Brad’s programs and remain very loyal to Intelligent Inspiration because they are so different. He has a unique talent and is very gifted man who is giving and at the same time motivational. He truly is that one in a million.

David Sibley Managing Director May 20, 2015

Brad impressed me with his energy and enthusiasm, his coaching was very empowering and I would recommend anyone looking for success to spend some time working with Brad and Intelligent Inspiration.

Kath Slaughter Gold Account Partner May 20, 2015

“Brad is an Australian – but don’t hold that against him! It lies at the very core of the energy and enthusiasm with which he delivers his work. A quiet nap during a Brad session is not on the agenda – engagement, humour and learning are!”

Chris Hughes Chariman May 20, 2015